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          Elitex Super 6 is a new budget range that combines the best-selling colors of ScreenView Basic with screen fabrics from basket weave to twill weave. For the popular basket weave we have both the thinner yarn and thicker yarn screen available with openness ranging from 1%, 3%, 5% to 10% depending on the style of the screen. 


          Best Prices
          We have worked out our best rock bottom prices in order to support you - our valued customers. 
          No MOQ Requried
          And there will be no MOQs with immediate shipment for all orders big or small.
          Shorter Lead Time
          Immediate shipment (within two weeks) for all orders big or small after order confirmation.
          Premium Quality
          While our prices are most favorable, our world famous Elitex premium quality is never compromised. 
          5 Year Warranty
          All these fabrics are backed by Elitex unique 5 year warranty plus our most friendly and efficient service.

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